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12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway

Christmas mantlepiece

We all need a bumper Christmas! A nice end to a challenging year. To beat the Covid blues we’ve teamed up with some amazing brands to bring you the 12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway.

Follow us on this journey for the chance to win 12 unique Christmas gifts, a perfect treat for yourself, the children and the whole family.

12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway

Do you want to win a Personal Visit by Santa? Gorgeous shoes & clothing items for your children and yourself? A potted Christmas Tree for your child to water and look after this Christmas? We’ve even secured a Sharky & George Virtual Birthday Party package for one of our lucky birthday heros.  

Giveaway rules

Every 3 days starting on Monday, 9th November 2020, we will announce the Giveaway for one of those prizes and will randomly select a lucky winner. All you need to do is follow us and the brands you like on Instagram. Tag your friends for extra entries. The lucky winners will be announced here and on the relevant posts on our Instagram account, so look out for further announcements.

Why are we doing this?

Because we want you to have an amazing Christmas, discover new brands and exciting experiences. We also want to encourage you to give a little back to charity this Christmas. We’ve made it supper easy for you to send a festive invitation and suggest a small donation when you celebrate the season virtually with friends and colleagues. Check out what we do and pay the kindness forward.  

Now, off to announcing the prizes that could be yours this Christmas!

Giveaway #1: Santa’s Grotto at your doorstep

What’s Christmas without visiting Santa’s Grotto? But if you can’t visit the Grotto, then may Santa come to your doorstep and knock on your door.

Grotto At My Door

We’re excited to offer one lucky winner a personalised Santa’s Grotto experience offered by Grotto At My Door. It’s a home visit by a puppy, an elf, and the big man himself! It also includes a Christmas goody bag with reindeer food, a magic key, a certificate from the North pole and a handmade gift from a local craft maker.   

Further details how to enter will be announced on our Instagram page on 9th November 2020. Follow us for the chance to win the prize. Even if you don’t, you can still book the experience with Grotto At My Door.

Areas covered: North East London, South West Suffolk and the Essex that lies between. T&Cs apply.

Giveaway #2: Monogrammed bathrobe

There is no better way to keep your little one cosy on Christmas morning than in a monogrammed bathrobe from Sophie Paterson‘s gorgeous collection with Coze Linen.

The Sati Luxury kids bathrobe is available in sizes 0 to 11 years. Monogramming is available in 10+ colours and a huge selection of designs.  

Follow us on Instagram for further details how to win this prize, going live for entries on 12th November 2020. T&Cs apply.

Giveaway #3: Chocolate Advent Calendar

For all those chocolate lovers, you will enjoy this award winning, vegan, gluten-free chocolate Advent Calendar with 24 unique and exciting flavours kindly donated by Nono Cocoa to one of our lucky winners.

Head over to their website to discover the amazing story of Aless Bester and how she created her chocolate company out of necessity, looking after her autistic son. Not just delicious & beautiful, these chocolates are meaningful too. They support the local community by employing young people with autism and disabilities. The more Nono chocolates we eat, the more opportunity we can provide to those young people.

Award going live on our Instagram page on 15th November 2020. T&Cs apply.

Giveaway #4: Greenberry Kids dress

Playful and chic this long, puff-sleeve, cotton dress is donated with love by Greenberry Kids in support of our #celebrate2donate campaign. It comes in sizes for 3-10 years old. Could this lovely Christmas gift be yours?  

Greenberry Kids dress

The prize goes live for entries on 18th November 2020. T&Cs apply.

Giveaway #5: World Secrets sneakers

What about YOU this Christmas? Fancy a new pair of fashionable sneakers kindly donated by World Secrets to one of our lucky winners?

She Who Dares Sneakers

Discover their story of making sustainable fashion in a small, family run factory in Turkey. They use antique, handmade kilim rugs and give them a second life by turning them into these beautiful shoe and handbag creations of limited editions. This provides livelihoods for the local community in a way that’s sustainable for the environment and keeps the tradition going. Aren’t those colours gorgeous? 

The prize is going live for entries on 21th November 2020 on our Instagram page T&Cs apply.   

Giveaway #6: Unisex Rain Cloud jumper

Bright, fun and super soft, this Rain Cloud jumper (6m to 8 yrs) could be yours, courtesy of our friends at Gifted Local.

Gifted Local is an online marketplace connecting local creative makers with customers keen to support their local economy. They support nearly 100 local businesses selling thoughtfully made, high quality products, to thrive and survive. Perfect for your Christmas shopping! By buying locally online not only are you helping to reduce carbon footprint but you’re also supporting the livelihoods of small independent businesses. Let’s help them have a bumper Christmas too!   

The jumper is going live for entries on our Instagram on 24th November 2020.

Giveaway #7: Papouelli children’s shoes

The incredible mum of 3 (soon to be 4), Laura Willis at The Fashion Bug Blog has created her first collaboration with the celebrated children’s shoe brand Papouelli. Be the first to put ‘The Bug Ballerina’ on your little one’s feet and head into the holidays in style. 

Papouelli shoes, actual prize from the new collection will be revealed later in November.

The actual prize will be revealed on 27th November on our Instagram page and will feature shoes from their brand new collection launching later this month.

Giveaway #8: Holly Berry Christmas Tree

London Christmas Tree Rental Company

Planning to buy a Christmas Tree for the holiday season? Please DON’T! Over 7 million trees end up in the landfill each year. What an enormous waste! Much better to rent your tree from London Christmas Tree Rental. It’s easy and eco-friendly. Your child will love looking after it and you can then return it so as to have it back the following year. What a brilliant initiative!

That’s how we got to discover Holly Berry and we fell in love with her. We’d love you to meet Holly too. This Miniature Christmas Tree is about 50 cm high and comes complete with decorations, tinsel, fairy lights, reindeer poop (compost) and a beautifully illustrated story map of life in the North Pole. Holly is being kindly donated to one of our lucky followers in support of our #celebrate2donate Christmas campaign.

What we really love about Holly is that she’s such a thoughtful, heartwarming and super kind gift, not just for children but for grannies too. Sitting on a bedside or coffee table, she can brighten any room and bring lots of festive light and cheer.

Our Holly Berry prize is going live for entries on 30th November 2020 and could be yours on 2nd December. In case that’s not your lucky day, you can still get your own Holly Berry here and show them some love!

Giveaway #9: Pure Bundle Capsule Wardrobe

We want to share with you our love for eco-friendly brands, especially those that promote sustainable fashion for children. We all know children grow at lightning speed and hardly get to wear any particular items more than a few times before they become too small. That’s why we like the team at Pure Bundle who make those clothes last just a little bit longer in the hands of another family.   

A free baby clothes capsule wardrobe of your choice (0 to 3 yrs; boy or girl) is kindly donated by the team at Pure Bundle to one lucky winner. Head over to their site to check out what they do and how they help you save time and money in a way that’s kind to the planet and the local community. We think you’ll enjoy their capsule wardrobes of preloved clothes in pristine condition curated for you from the best designer, premium and high street brands. 

The prize goes live on our Instagram page on 3rd December and it could be yours on the 5th. T&Cs apply.

Giveaway #10: KIVU Skincare

This is a treat for yourself, kindly donated by the team at KIVU so your skin can look youthful and radiant this Christmas season.

KIVU skincare: Founded in science, derived from nature

Developed by Dr. Brazzini based on her scientific research and work as a dermatologist, Kivu’s skincare products use a natural formulation with anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Gentle to the skin and free from parabens and perfume, they are suitable for people with sensitive or reactive skin. Perfect as a Christmas present for a close friend or a treat for yourself. 

For the chance to win a free Kivu skincare product of your choice follow our Instagram page and Kivu’s page were we’ll post further announcements on 6th December 2020.

Giveaway #11: Mother & Baby wellness set

We wanted to curate a wellness set for a first-time mum and baby. Could this be you or a friend of yours? This lovely set includes everything you need for a relaxing bath and a healthy massage for you and your baby.

We’ve also included a postpartum nutrition book to help with healthy eating after the baby arrival.

Postpartum Nutrition by Dr Harriet Holme

Discover the brands that have donated to this wellness set:  

  • Lily & Mortimer‘s N.8 Sleep Oil and Relaxing Bath Salts. They also do a nice range of bedding and baby clothing made from 100% organic and Fair Trade cotton
  • Baby changing mat donated by The Gilded Bird
  • Postpartum Nutrition Book by Dr Harriet Holme, MBBS, PhD RNutr donated by the author

Behind each of these brands is the story of a woman inspired to create the very best there can be for baby & mum. Take a look at what they do for some Christmas shopping inspiration.

This prize goes live for entries on 9th December 2020. Follow us on Instagram for the chance to win it.

Giveaway #12: Sharky & George virtual birthday party & more

Put on your party hat and get ready for some party fun!

For the Grand Finale, we’ve teamed up with no one else but Sharky & George to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a virtual birthday party for their child. The only safe and fun way to celebrate your child’s most important day – their birthday!

Adventure Race or Classic S&G virtual birthday party

To make it extra special, Belsize Cakes are also donating a box of their signature Cake Popsicles for the lucky birthday hero. 

The prize will open for entries on 12th December 2020. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss out.

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