Back to school

back to school

Leaves falling, parties calling. The children are back to school and the new party season is full on.

Celebrating for a good cause and a dream gift are the children at the Chepstow House School who have raised in the past two years a whooping £20,000 for charity from their birthday parties.

Children at the Chepstow House School with a big donation check

But they are not alone. Our celebrate, share & donate movement is gaining momentum at several school communities in London and the country.

School partnerships

We’ve recently added the bursary funds and charities supported by St Paul’s Junior School, Fox Primary School and Bute House School.

Children at St Paul’s Junior school now giving back to the Bursary Fund through their Kindergifts birthday parties

Children in state schools often raise funds for school improvements or specialist teachers, whilst most private schools fundraise for local charities and/or bursaries. These activities are typically run through the PTAs. Organising a Kindergifts birthday party is an easy way to contribute to the school community at no extra cost or effort involved. It’s the money spent on individual party gifts that can now be transformed into a more meaningful group gift for the child and a charity donation.

A small act of kindness…

… can make a world of difference.

Never underestimate the collective power we all have to make a positive contribution to those around us. Even if we can’t solve the world’s biggest problems we can do something to make the world a little better, kinder and a happier place to live in. A typical donation from a Kindergifts birthday is around £100 – £200 depending on the number of guests invited. Over time, this can quickly add up to a meaningful contribution towards charities working incredibly hard every day to help children and families in need.

“At Stand by Me, we are incredibly grateful to the Kindergifts children who have chosen to support our kids rescued from extreme circumstances as part of their celebrations.” – Colin Norford, Fundrasing Manager

Get involved

The platform offers a great variety of good causes that children can relate to. So far, kids tend to pick charities providing basic necessities, educational opportunities and joy to disadvantaged children.

If you’d like to nominate your school charity and start Kindergifts in your community, please get in touch. It’s a great opportunity to talk to children about being fortunate, helping others and the environment. And a new way to raise funds for your school community at no extra cost.

Tell us what you think? Would you use your celebration as an opportunity to make a difference?

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