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£10,000 raised for Stand by Me charity

Kindergifts charitable fundraising site supports Stand by Me

Dear Friends,

In February, we hit a major milestone. Our birthday party boys and girls have by now raised over £10,000 for our charity partner, Stand by Me.  Established in the UK, Stand by Me, is a charity that rescues children from around the world and provides them with the care, love and education they need to thrive. This amount is equivalent of helping 40 children living in extreme poverty get a better life:   

At Stand by Me, we are incredibly grateful to the children who have chosen to support our kids as part of their birthday celebrations. The money raised means so much as it allows us to provide children who have so little with the essentials of life such as food, healthcare and a life changing education.

Colin Norford, Fundraising Manager

February on the floor fundraising challenge

Did you know that the Year 7 boys at Chepstow House School have been sleeping on the floor for a week to help lift other children off the floor onto a bed for the first time? 

Children from the Chepstow House School sleeping on the floor to help lift other children off the floor for the first time. This is the first charity partner to hit a major fundraising milestone through Kindergifts.
Children at the Chepstow House School sleeping on the floor for a week to raise much needed funds for Stand by Me and buy beds for children in Ethiopia.

It was a tough but rewarding experience. It made me realise how we take it for granted having a pillow and a blanket. But a lot of children in Ethiopia have to sleep on the rough, cold mud floor. I’m so pleased I went through this experience.

Alex, Year 7 student

This is what we call kids for kids solidarity.  Will the students or staff be able to raise more support? We bet on the children. If you’re able to help, a small donation can make a real difference in the lives of children living in extreme poverty. It will be much appreciated by the children both here and there. To find out more, click on the link below.

Want to know who won the fundraising challenge?

We had no doubt that the children will win. And they did, raising an outstanding £5,722 which will provide 40 children with a comfortable bed for the first time.

Well done!

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