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Party entertainment for children

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Party Entertainment section for children and adults. We’ve teamed up with London’s top entertainers to bring magic and joy in the lives of children through socially distanced and virtual birthday parties. Take a look at our growing range of party experiences which you can now book through the platform.   

For the little ones

Music & dance

The classic music & dance birthday parties work well on Zoom as well as in the garden. Best suited to children aged 2 to 5 years, the sessions typically last 40 min to 1 hour. Get ready for plenty of singing, dancing and fun games. The party is entirely managed by the entertainer so you can enjoy and relax.

If you’re hosting a Zoom party look for the virtual event option when you’re sending your Kindergifts invites.

We have several suggestions, in particular, Amanda’s Action Club, Caterpilar Music, Latino Bambino and Sharky & George parties.

Virtual adventure parties

Using internet wizardry, Sharky & George now run virtual adventure races to include classic party games and scavenger challenges that can be completed from the safely of your own home or garden. They have also started offering socially distanced 5:1 parties.

Adventure race party entertainment by Sharky & George

Lockdown magic

Surprise your child with this Elsa and Anna singing act offered by West End performers, Eloise and Natalya.

Elsa & Anna performance act by West End performers and sisters, Eloise and Natalya

It all started in the early days of the lockdown when they decided to surprise a four-year old neighbour girl with a driveway performance of the classic Frozen songs. Since then, they haven’t stopped bringing lockdown joy to the little ones.

For children aged 6 to 10

If your child loves cooking then try Vicky’s Pasta N’ Play fun cooking parties for children aged 6 years and over.

Cooking & baking together

Vicky can easily entertain 10 to 30 children over a Zoom session and even younger children with the help of a parent. 

Cookie Crumbles is another great option for children to bake together with the help of an adult at home. You can send individually packed baking mixes to all the guests as a party activity. We’d recommend the gingerbread man and the brownie mixes.

Disco parties

London’s famous party entertainers, Sharky & George, have quickly adapted to the lockdown and now run fantastic virtual experiences as well as socially distanced 5:1 parties on popular themes such as Disco, Science, Video Music, Mystery Challenge and plenty more.

Science parties

Let S&G’s famous scientist, Farooq, host an exciting and educational party with a variety of experiments and party games. Your guests will receive a special home science kit to mix some potion with magic.

Farooq’s science experiments now available online and in 5 : 1 socially distanced sessions

Birthday treasure hunt

Why not surprise your child with a scavenger hunt for their birthday? Perfect for a socially distanced celebration outdoors.

Ask your child’s little friends to hide around popular places in the Park or in your garden. Then draw a treasure map and provide some clues for them to find the hidden “treasure.” Then ta-da! Watch your child’s face light up as they find their friends, one by one, scattered around the park.

For more party games and ideas take a look at Activity Village and our earlier blog on Virtual Parties.

Party ideas for teens

When it comes to older children, they’ve got more ideas than us how to party with their friends but here are some suggestions we cherry picked for you:

A remote slumber party

The good old sleepover party will never get out of fashion. Friends can join a video call from the comfort of their own room and do their favourite thing, whether it’s playing games online, watching sports, movies or beautifying. Send one of our matching themed invitations.

Teen fashion with Keren

If your teen’s interested in fashion they’ll enjoy Keren’s introduction to fashion & style now delivered online. A real pro with a wealth of experience from Ralph Lauren and Coach, Keren can take an eager audience through the essentials of building a wardrobe, defining your style and using colour in clothing and make up.

Music video party

Perfect for the groovers and movers out there! Guests are split into virtual teams using Zoom breakout rooms to rehearse choreography and practise silly dance routines to create the ultimate video. The footage is edited after the party by S&G’s choreographer to make it look truly amazing and create a nice memory of the event.  

Quiz Night

Guests are placed in virtual teams and will enjoy several rounds of interactive challenges including top-secret personal questions, music, puzzles, Pictionary and fun challenges such as building a sculpture from thin foil.

Mystery Room

If you want to play Sherlock Holmes and solve a mystery, try this S&G Challenge that will take you back centuries ago to the Countryside Mansion of Lord Sotherby. Read more…

Safety first…

Whilst we live in a socially distanced world we need to remain careful of how we organise birthday activities and make sure we put the safety of our children first.  On this note, we’d like to finish with Amanda’s “Wash your hands” song, a perfect reminder for the little ones -:)

If you have any other ideas or would like to recommend an experience, please get in touch. We’d love to hear your feedback and see your children celebrate & donate!

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