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Charity Avandale Extra, YoungMinds, Harrow Club and Rainbow Trust

Avandale Extra, YoungMinds, Harrow Club and Rainbow Trust


Fundraising for the Wetherby School's named charities of the year

This year Wetherby Schools is proud to support:

  • Avandale Extra that broadens Avondale Park Primary School's children's experiences and create lifelong interests by funding out of school activities;
  • YoungMinds that provides mental health support to young people;
  • Harrow Club, a youth club that empowers young people to complete their education, avoid anti-social behaviour and become positive contributors to society; and
  • Rainbow Trust that supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Your kind gift of:

Any amount will be equally devided among

  • Avandale Extra (charity number 1094749);
  • YoungMinds (charity number 1016968);
  • Harrow Club (charity number 1054757); and 
  • Rainbow Trust (charity number 1070532).

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