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Browse ideas for group gifts

We’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas that we know your child will love. All cherry-picked by experienced parents. Still not sure? You can upload own image or select the surprise gift option.

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  • 2. Mini 2 Go Scooter (Micro Scooter).png
    Mini to Go Scooter
    Micro Scooter
  • 1. Cupcake Bike with trainer wheels  (Halfords).png
    Cupcake Bike
  • 1. Spiderman Bike with trainer wheels (Halfords).png
    Spiderman Bike
  • 3. Trunki (John Lewis).jpg
    Trunki Ride-On
    John Lewis
  • 3. Baghera Pedal Car (Cottage Toys).png
    Baghera Pedal Car
    Cottage Toys
  • 4. Wooden Train Set (John Lewis).jpg
    Wooden Train Set
    John Lewis
  • 5. Brio Travel Switching Train (John Lewis).jpg
    Brio Switching Train
    John Lewis
  • 5. Barbarossa Pirate Ship (Mulberry Bush).jpeg
    Barbarossa Set
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Hape Park and Wooden Garage (Cottage Toys).png
    Hape Park and Garage
    Cottage Toys
  • 5. Fire Station and Engine Set (Mulberry Bush).jpg
    Fire Station Set
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Construction Set Package (Mulberry Bush).png
    Construction Playset
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Camelot Castle and Knights Set (Mulberry Bush).png
    Camelot Castle Set
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Doctor Set (Cottage Toys).png
    Doctors Set
    Cottage Toys
  • 5. Oldfield Farm (Mulberry Bush).jpg
    Oldfield Farm
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Country Play Kitchen (Mulberry Bush).png
    Country Play Kitchen
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Cooking Set and Accessories (Mulberry Bush).png
    Cooking Set
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Dolls House (Mulberry Bush).jpg
    Dolls House
    Mulberry Bush
  • 5. Disney Frozen Castle Playset (Amazon).png
    Disney Frozen Castle
  • 5. My Little Pony Playset (Toys R Us).jpg
    My Little Pony Set
    Toys R Us
  • 5. Disney Frozen Musical Anna and Elsa Playset (Toys R Us).jpg
    Anna & Elsa Set
    Toys R Us
  • 5. Shopkins Mega Pack and Playset (Amazon).jpg
    Shopkins Mega Set
  • 6. Lego Duplo Set (Amazon).jpg
    Lego Duplo Set