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Browse ideas for group gifts

We’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas that we know your child will love. All cherry-picked by experienced parents. Still not sure? You can upload own image or select the surprise gift option.

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  • 15. iPad Air (John Lewis).jpg
    iPad Air
  • 15. Instax Mini 70 Camera (John Lewis).png
    Instax Mini 70
    John Lewis, Amazon
  • 2. Longboard (Amazon).png
  • 2. Skateboard accessories (Amazon).png
    Skateboard Gloves
  • 2. SmoothStar Skateboard (SmoothStar).jpg
    Smooth Star
  • 6. Lego Architecture (Amazon).jpg
    Lego Architecture
  • 9. Archos Drone, Wi-Fi, HD Recording (John Lewis).jpg
    Archos Drone, Wi-Fi
    John Lewis
  • 9. Parrot Mambo Minidrone (Amazon).png
    Parrot Mini Drone
  • 9. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (John Lewis).png
    Oculus Rift VR
    John Lewis
  • 11. Junior Classical Guitar Pack (Gear 4 Music).jpg
    Junior Guitar
    Gear 4 Music
  • 12. Fabre Castell Colour Pencils Tin x 60 (Amazon).png
    Fabre Castell Box
  • 14. Heywood Hill Subscription - 6 Books (Haywood Hill).jpg
    Books Subscription
    Heywood Hill
  • 14. Books Gift Card (Waterstones).png
    Books Gift Card
  • 15. iPod Touch (Apple).png
    iPod Touch
  • 15. iPod Shuffle (Apple).png
    iPod Shuffle
  • 15. UE Roll 2 (John Lewis).jpg
    UE Roll 2 & Floatie
    John Lewis
  • 15. Beats Wireless Earphones (Amazon).png
    Wireless Earphones
  • 15. UE Boom 2 (John Lewis).jpg
    UE Boom 2 Speaker
    John Lewis, Amazon
  • 15. Sony Playstation (John Lewis).jpg
    Sony Playstation
    John Lewis
  • 15. Xbox One (John Lewis).jpg
    Xbox One
    John Lewis
  • 16. Harry Potter Studio Tour.png
    Harry Potter Tour
    WB Studio Tours
  • 16. iTunes Gift Card (Apple).png
    iTunes Gift Card