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Changing the way people celebrate

Celebrations with a purpose

Kindergifts is an online invitation platform with a social mission. We help people celebrate for a good cause and a dream gift whilst reducing gift waste and teaching children about giving back.
Ever since my son was three years old, I was overwhelmed by the amount of birthday presents we receive. All well-intended and beautifully wrapped but I always felt that it’s not good for my children to receive so many gifts they don’t need when there are many other children whose basic needs aren’t met. When I looked around, I realised that it’s not just me who feels that way. It’s all my friends and their friends, perhaps your friends too? Across the UK, we spend about £1bn on party gifts and plastic which don’t bring lasting joy to our children and end up being wasted, instead of helping people. But what if we could change the way we celebrate?

That’s what we do. We are a group of parents who created Kindergifts as an easy way to celebrate, share and donate.“

Svetlana Kumanova

Svetlana Kumanova

Giving back when you celebrate

It's an easy way to make a difference
Kindergifts is not just about the kids. There are so many other celebrations where gifting is involved: adult birthdays, weddings, office parties, Christmas.

What could be better or kinder than sharing a bit of love on your special day? We hope that this "kinder" way to celebrate will inspire people to use Kindergifts across many more occasions such that together we can make celebrations more meaningful and memorable.
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  • It's about giving because giving feels good and makes people happy
  • It's about spending less time shopping and more time enjoying family and friends
  • It's about gaining more: more time, more space and more kindness
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