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Our mission is to
make celebrations matter

We want to change the way people celebrate

Kindergifts allows you to share your celebration with a charity and get a dream gift from your friends. Over £1bn a year is spent on unnecessary party gifts in the UK. Instead of presents, pool funds and give a little back to help local children and families in need.

Giving back when you celebrate is an easy way to make a difference

  • It’s all those well-intentioned but unnecessary birthday presents that could otherwise benefit children in need
  • It’s about giving because giving feels good and makes people happy
  • It’s about spending more time with family and friends instead of shopping for yet another birthday present
  • It’s about wasting less and gaining more: more time, more space, more kindness

We are a group of parents who created Kindergifts for all the other busy parents who might feel the same way about their children’s birthday experience. We want to make it easy and appealing for families to connect with the local community and give back when they celebrate. A great opportunity to encourage compassion and appreciation in our children in a fun and enjoyable way.

We hope that this kinder way of celebrating will inspire people to take it to many more occasions so that together we can make a difference.

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