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Charity Diamond Blackfan Anaemia UK

Diamond Blackfan Anaemia UK


Helping children suffering from a rare blood condition that causes fatigue and poor growth

DBA UK is a small, volunteer-led charity that provides support, research and hope to the families of patients with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (“DBA”). This is a rare blood condition that causes fatigue, poor growth and lack of appetite. DBA is typically diagnosed by the age of two and requires treatment and regular blood transfusion.

DBA UK brings together the families affected by this condition and provides information, support and access to latest medical research and professionals in this area. The charity also runs an annual conference for all DBA Families in the UK.

We are greatful to the family of Oscar Leon who referred DBA to us in the hope of helping more children affected by this condition. 

Your kind gift of:

  • £120 could fund a place at the DBA’s Family Weekend
  • £400 could fund genetic testing for one patient

Help children suffering from DBA!

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