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Charity Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders


Inspiring young people who love football but underachieve at school

At Football Beyond Borders Schools, we work with young people from some of London’s most deprived communities. We use the kids’ passion for football as an educational tool to improve their behaviour at school, motivation for learning and literacy skills. Our innovative approach is making a difference in the lives of c. 320 kids across 15 schools each year.

To support our charitable activities, we offer football birthday party experiences. Please contact Jasper Kain (jkain@footballbeyondborders.org) for more information.

Your kind gift of:

  • £30 could pay for the cost of one training session for 20 young people
  • £150 could pay for the delivery of the FBB schools programme for one week
  • £500 could pay for a young person to attend the FBB Schools programme for a year

Help the power of football to transform young people’s lives!

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