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Charity Goodwill Caravan

Goodwill Caravan


Providing children affected by war or natural disasters with the opportunity to live safe and fulfilled lives.

Goodwill Caravan is a humanitarian charity registered in the UK and Greece, working on global refugee protection projects in the UK, Greece, Sudan, Egypt, and Pakistan, with the intention of further expansion to reach the need. Our vision is of a world in which children affected by war or natural disasters can live safe and fulfilled lives. Our mission is to identify the most vulnerable families in danger of malnutrition, human trafficking, organ trade, abuse and those sleeping rough on the street and provide them with sustainable longterm solutions.

We provide emergency anti-trafficking protection projects for the most vulnerable refugees; we support thousands of refugees making the journey to a safer life. We focus particularly on refugee families, orphans, and detained and unaccompanied children at the highest risk of becoming victims of organ trade, trafficking, and kidnappings. We offer legal, medical, food, transport, and employment assistance.

Your kind gift of:

  • £10 donation can provide a child with diapers for a week
  • £50 donation can provide a family with a monthly food pack or £50 donation supports a refugee with their asylum interview
  • £100 can shelter an orphan for a month or £100 can provide a month of professional skills training for a refugee

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