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Charity Just a Drop

Just a Drop


Providing communities across the world with safe water, sanitation and hygiene

We are an international charity that provides sustainable safe water and sanitation to communities across the world, transforming lives in many ways. Healthier communities are more productive, children can attend school more frequently and women have more time to work instead of fetching water. Your support will be channelled towards the Kavuoni Primary School in in Kenya which is in dire need of a rain water harvesting tank. The tank will provide safe water for the children all year round to reduce sickness and increase attendance by 30%.

Your kind gift of:

  • 50p can provide a child in Kenya with safe water for 1 year
  • £10 is the cost of installing a hand washing station at a school in Kenya and train the children about personal hygiene
  • £22 pays for a hand washing station at a Uganda Health Centre

Don’t let dirty water kill a child!

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