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Charity Little Village

Little Village


Providing essential clothing, toys and equipment to children aged 0 to 5

Little Village is London’s first non-food bank for children. We collect great quality pre-loved clothes, toys and essential equipment for babies and pre-schoolers, and give them to struggling families, with dignity and love. Half of the parents we support are homeless or in temporary accommodation.  

We collect everything from cots to socks, prams, toys and feeding equipment. To date, we’ve distributed over £1m worth of great quality items to over 1,000 families in:

  • Camden
  • Wandsworth and
  • Southwark

In addition to donations, we’re also looking for volunteers and welcome parents with children aged 8+ who want to get involved in age-appropriate community work.

Your kind gift of:

  • £10 could buy a full set of bottle teats to include in our bottle donations
  • £20 could buy a cot mattress, so a baby can sleep safely (46% of the families we see don’t have a bed for their child)
  • £50 would enable us to repair two buggies, so families can leave the house safely
  • £100 would cover the monthly cost of healthy food and drinks we offer to visiting families

Give your pre-loved items as a gift from one family to another!

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